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                                      Is anyone there?


No. No. Don’ be stupid, Oswin. Maybe the fumes from countless burnt Souffles were getting to her. Could you get ill from that? Not that she really had to worry about that much. What else was she going to do? Take a nice little walk outside and meet a few new Dalek friends? Not likely.

Still, she was intrigued, and she couldn’t help letting the curiousity get the better of her. And as she neared the cockpit, Oswin let out a semi-undignified squeak. There was a person. There was a real person.

                        I, um- What did proper people say at a time like this? 'lo? She tapped the screen in front of her, eyebrows quirked. Y-You alright, mate?


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Her head snapped up at that voice. She knew that voice.

Looking around, the Doctor paused - how had she gotten here? She could guess the place, judging by the one in front of her. Clara - no, Oswin.

"I … I don’t actually know. But you - I know you.”


Oswin’s eyebrows quirked; Well, she hadn’t quite been expecting that. The only ones that seemed to know her these days were Daleks, and they were the ones usually trying to kill her. When it came down to that, one couldn’t exactly blame her for being a tad bit skeptical.

Don’t think you do.

It did leave her a bit— well, intrigued. ‘Course, perhaps she could’ve just been reminiscent of someone, though this all did feel a bit familiar. Which was plenty odd, as she hadn’t seen a single human being since crashing.

No ‘fence, you don’t exactly look like a Dalek.

Actually, that was probably a good thing.

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"If you’re from the government, I’d suggest turning tail and leaving. Now."

Sorry to disappoint, jus’ me.

Come to think, it should have been just her. Just Oswin. Well, Oswin and an asylum full of Daleks. An empty cockpit and a rubbish bin full of Souffles. It took her a moment, it had been a while since she had heard another voice that had something to say to her other than ‘Exterminate!’, a long, long while.

If you see a blue light, though, you might wanna start runnin’.

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If you’re ever sad, go to this website.

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"I’m busy; go away."

Sorry to bite, but I think you’re the one in the wrong place, love.

People. Well, a person. One person. Still! There was a person who was actually a person and not a Dalek! Not a humanisation. Not a fantasy or a hallucination. Oh, she hoped not. Pinch. No, definitely not a dream of some sort. This was real! Really, real.

Mind tellin’ me how ya got here?

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The noises outside were like music. Like the music her mum listened to, they faded in and out into a transition. Some notes loud, some soft and faint, barely audible to her ears. She should have been afraid, she figured. Really, properly scared. And she was, in a way, of what came next. There was something louder and brighter inside her head, though. Pride, maybe. 

Or maybe it was something else. She wasn’t quite sure. All she was sure of was the voices of the Daleks, one by one they were screaming. The Doctor had left merely moments ago, and they were safe. Knowing she could save them, well that was enough. The explosions were swallowing them all whole, and with ithe Asylum went as well. And so would she.

Chin boy?Or, that was how it was supposed to be. That had been the plan, at least. What was he doing? Oi! What d’ya think you’re doin’? Run!


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                                          Status: Crashing.

                                          Status: Crashing violently.

                                          Status: Shipwrecked.

          Probably should’ve put the brakes on.

          As Oswin piled out of the ship, her hair having fell over her face entirely and resting askew in her utility belt, she gave a bright grin at her surroundings. Bright blue sky, petrichor lingering in the air, dirt already clumped in the soles of her shoes. With one long gaze, she came to a conclusion. This must be Earth.

          Bending down, she grasped a piece of vivid green grass and plucked it from the dirt. It only took one sniff of the leaf to settle on her conclusion; Yep, definitely Earth-y. Probably somewhere in South England, by the looks of it.

          Right, time to be British. Couldn’t be too hard.

          Oi! You with the hair!


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"Oh god, where am I?" Amelia moaned and stood up.  The place looked familiar.  "Hello?  Anyone there?"



          And there went another Souffle. Perfectly crafted and just as perfectly burnt and deflated. With a small sigh, it went into the rubbish bin following all the others. One of these days, Oswin would perfect the recipe. Well, hopefully, anyway. Her previous endeavors into the delicacy had not been much more successful.

          Though the timer still rang, Oswin could hear it just the slightest. Something outside. Someone! After tossing the oven mitt across the stovetop, she hurried over to the chair, tossing herself onto it and seeing— Oh!

          Hello? Is someone out there? Is someone actually out there?

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                "—Souffles with mum."


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It’s a dream, Oswin.